Compensation for The Division's Backpack, Missing Character Bugs Detailed

Compensation coming "soon," says The Division dev.


Ubisoft has detailed the compensation it will be giving players affected by The Division's backpack bug, which locked players out of the game, and character disappearance bug. The plan was revealed by community developer Yannick Banchereau on the latest State of the Game stream.

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"I know that we've talked about compensation already, there will be compensation for these two [bugs]," he said. "In a few days, we still need to sort it out, we are going to send to all the people affected by one of these bugs 500 Phoenix Credits and ten of each high-end crafting material.

"It's going to be 10 fabric, 10 electronics, 10 weapon parts, 10 tools, and also 10 Division tech. High-end," he added. "Expect that soon. We'll try to have it this week, but if it's not this week it will be later, but it will happen."

Banchereau noted the issues had since been remedied, but said that some players were still experiencing them in isolated cases. He encouraged these players to continue reporting them and contacting the support team.

"The backpack issue was fixed with update 1.1, so most of the players that were reporting the issue have had it fixed now. There are still isolated cases, but these are caused by other types of bugs, these are being investigated on a case-by-case basis.

"So if you're still experiencing it, keep informing us. We know that not 100 percent of cases have been fixed, but the main cause of the backpack issue, which was inventory space has been fixed."

He added that those that still encounter issues on the character select screen should progress into the game, where it has been solved. Some user-interface issues have persisted in the character selection phase, but these don't reflect the state of a character once the game is fully loaded.

The April update introduced new features and content to The Division, but also created a number of issues. The first resulted in player characters going missing, while the second removed Daily Challenges. Both have since been fixed, as mentioned above.

One that has not yet been addressed, however, is an exploit in the Falcon Lost Incursion, which allows players to repeatedly unlock high-end items. Ubisoft has said it will release a patch for this "in a few days."

Looking forward, the next content update is in may, when Conflicts will be released. Following this. Ubisoft plans to release paid expansions further into the summer and beyond.

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