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Company That Bought Walter White's Tighty Whities At Auction Blew Them Up In The Desert

Walter White's iconic underwear met an untimely end.


Underwear company SAXX gave Walter White's underwear an unceremonious end in the New Mexico desert. SAXX stuffed the underwear in a Pontiac Aztek, the same make as Walter White's SUV ride in Breaking Bad, and blew it up in an explosion.

Why? SAXX explained, "[We] wanted to erase the crust-ridden pair from our collective futures to ensure all men and their balls lived on in penile prosperity." It's a very noble goal, one that SAXX spent at least $32,500 on.

It was reported in Feburary 2023 that SAXX had won the bid for Walter White's underwear at an auction, shelling out a grand sum of $32,500. Note that the underwear is not the original pair actually worn by Walter White in the show and is instead a "set decoration 'closet'" pair.

Bryan Cranston reacted to the news with astonishment, surprised that the underwear sold for over 30 grand. On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Cranston also joked that the soiled ones go for a much higher price--something untested, and hopefully never tested.

Accompanying SAXX's press release proudly celebrating the destruction of Walter White's underwear, the company said it will donate all proceeds of white underwear sales to the testicular Cancer Foundation. 25 purchasers will also receive a piece of the destroyed underwear, framed.

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