Company Of Heroes 3 Delayed To February 23, 2023

World War II strategy fans will need to wait an extra three months to go behind enemy lines in Company of Heroes 3.


Company of Heroes 3 has been delayed by three months, shifting its release date from November 17 to February 23, 2023. Publisher Sega and developer Relic Entertainment revealed that the extra time will be used to work on the overall improvement, balancing, and fine-tuning of the tactical strategy game that takes place behind enemy lines during World War II.

A number of these improvements were born from fan feedback during the development of the game, with Relic general manager Justin Dowdeswell noting that the Company of Heroes 3 community had provided "invaluable" experience on areas that needed more fine-tuning.

"We want to deliver the biggest and most immersive game in our franchise’s history, which means we need a bit more time for bug fixing, balancing, and polishing to ensure our players have a fantastic experience at launch," Dowdeswell explained in a blog post.

An example of how lighting is changing in Company of Heroes 3.

Some of the updates that players can expect in the full game include improvements to the Dynamic Campaign map through more aggressive AI and a new supply system, enhanced visuals that Relic says will create grittier graphics, and small changes to the gameplay through the user interface layout, camera positioning, and clearer mini-map information. Tweaks to Battlegroups, their upgrade trees, units, and call-in abilities have also been made, thanks in part to feedback from players during last year's multiplayer pre-alpha sessions.

One of the other big features that players can expect when Company of Heroes 3 launches next year are new destruction mechanics that offer a new layer of strategy to levels and a second single-player campaign set in North Africa. The North African Operation is a more traditional RTS campaign and features its own unique gameplay elements.

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