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Community News Update: Monday 7/29

Community news gets a fresh new look and brand new changes brought to you by GameSpot's very own Team Social!


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Salutations GameSpot Community.

The social team is here to inform you that we will be rebooting the Community News. What will be changing exactly? We will be updating every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with various important happenings as well as cool things on the site.

Monday will be filled with things to look forward to. This includes our Community Spotlight, upcoming contests, and information about upcoming G+ Hangouts with editors and special guests.

Wednesdays are dedicated to tours around the GameSpot office. This is where you’ll be able to get to know some of the staff a little better. Today, anything goes. Be prepared for lots of pictures and vignettes. First on our list are GameSpot Staff Desk Tours! Let us know in the comments who’s desk you want to see first; Chris Watters, Carolyn Petit, Kevin VanOrd, or Tom McShea.

Fridays will be a recap of what we've published during the week. News, reviews, previews, and even community created content.

That’s it! Short, sweet, and to the point. Look for a bigger update on Wednesday, this is the GameSpot Social Team signing off!

Don't forget to tell us which editor's desk you want to see first in the comment section below.

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