Community News Update: Friday 8/2

Friday Community News features our recap of the past week and a Terraria giveaway!


Hey Gamespot Community!

It’s Friday and it time to recap the past week. Be sure to read till the end to find out how to win a copy of Terraria for the Xbox 360 or PS3!

Now Playing: Castle Of Illusion

Mark and Martin remember the glory days of the SEGA Genesis as they check out the upcoming remake of Castle Of Illusion. - Watch Now.

GameSpot Staff Desk Tour: Chris Watters

By popular demand, the desk of Chris Watters' was the first featured in our GameSpot Staff Desk Tours series. Let us know whose desk you would like to see next! Also, the HeMan plushies we are are giving away were featured in Chris's desk tour. Keep an eye out on our Instagram and Twitter feeds because will be teasing our giveaways all the time.

Episode 5 of GameCrib Season 2 "Out of Range"

TeamSoloMead heads back to the LCS for week 5 to face Vulcun, Velocity and CLG. The boys try out a new team comp with disastrous effects. - Watch Now.

Saints Row IV Livestream with Lead Designer

Lead Designer David Bianchi came by the office and walked Caro through some Saints Row IV gameplay. - Watch Now.

Peter Reviews Dragon's Crown

Dragon's Crown is both beautiful and captivating in it's style and execution, overall a great hybrid of two genres. - Full Review.

Community Feature of the Week: GTA V: No Female Protagonist

experience_fade believes Rockstar missed a huge opportunity by going all male with their GTA V protagonist lineup. Do you agree? Do you feel it wasn't a missed opportunity? Read experience_fade's latest blog entry. - Full Story.


For National Ice Cream Sandwich day, our office gave us free ice cream sandwiches. We ate them for lunch…because we are adults!

The winner of the HeMan plushies is….. Ruiner64! One of the members of the social team has sent you a PM.

Giveaway time! Yes, we know another one! Leave a comment below letting us know why you should be chosen to win a copy of Terraria for the Xbox360 or PS3. 20 random winners will be picked (10 for each system, so include which system you choose in the comment). Good luck! (Sorry, US Only).

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And that wraps up this week! Check back on Monday to see if you were chosen as one of the Terraria winners and what awesomeness is coming up for the rest of the week.

Team Social signing off!

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