Community E3 2012 Line-Up (6/4 UPDATE)

If you’re wondering what all there is to do and see before during E3 2012, we’ve got the full scoop!


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UPDATE 6/4/2012: Lark has updated our Behind the Scenes feature page with details about how to get the E3 emblems. Collect them all and you get a BONUS emblms.

The Coverage: What to Expect

This year’s coverage will be robust as ever with the live streaming of the 5 press conferences, live cam tours, E3 stage show, special guests side stage show, and the MLG stage arena. During the evenings, you may also see our sister site, GiantBomb mentioned for all you night owls. We’ll also bring you the latest news and previews of the hardware and games we see or get our hands on! To find out more about our stage show, you can watch our Inside E3 videos with Ryan Mac Donald and a follow-up video with John Davidson about the different ways you can watch E2 2012.

One change you'll notice this year is the new commenting system displaying timely posts. We'll be making some slight changes with your commenting experience early next week. This also means that your chatroom is the new commenting system during the live streaming of the event., similar to what you see with other live streaming chatrooms located on the right side of the page. If you think this does not meet your expectations, GameSpot members are welcome to use the Twitch.TV chatroom. But if you really want the old traditional way of using a chatroom, simply create your own unofficial chatroom and share it with others in the comments.

Behind Scenes Updates: Inside E3

If you recall our Behind the Scenes E3 blog updates in previous years, you might recall Inside E3. This year we’ll be bringing it back bigger and better than ever. We’ve already given you quite a few updates during our pre-E3 planning stages. If you missed out on them, you can catch up here:

March 21st: What’s going into the Stage Shows
March 22nd: Who will be missing in action?
March 23rd: GameSpot’s E3 Meeting
March 25th: Loading up the truck.
March 29th: Booth Building 101
March 30th: The Ways You Watch

That’s just to get you caught up up until now! We have more to come. Keep a look out for updates on the Inside E3 feature pages, and if you want to see any videos we’ll update during the event subscribe to the GameSpotSpotlight Youtube channel for video updates.

E3 Loot Drop

Remember back in December when we had 30 days of awesome loot? Well we’re doing it again, and this time it’s during E3. Be sure to check out our E3 Loot Drop when it begins on Tuesday June 5th.


This year we’ll have GameSpot Facebook updates based on your contributions on GameSpot in the late evenings. We’ll have to play this by ear because it honestly depends on all of your cool discussions in System Wars, your fancy blogs, and more!


If you’re attending E3 this year, or maybe you’ve got videos about E3, be sure to let us know! You can simply post your links to them in the comments or send an email to community @ (Be sure remove the spaces before sending your email to us).

Tip: Facebook or Inside E3 mentions!

Aside from Youtube videos>, if you’d like us to consider your blog to be featured, here are some topics we would enjoy seeing.

- News - Reporting on hard facts, taking current events, announcements and breaking news and sharing it with the community. When looking at news blogs we will be looking for "insightful reflections" of E3 content.
- Editorials - While these pieces are not considered to be "hard facts" editorial pieces are used to convey personal opinion as well as an interesting perspective.
- Satires - News satire is a strong and favored form of entertainment, parodies of various news stories read on GameSpot might act as a fun read.

If you would like to have your blog featured be sure to mark it as editorial so we know you want to take part in the community news piece. Someone not get the memo? Tell a Ranger about the user who wrote something that you think should be featured for their work. You can also send an email to community @ with the subject "My E3 XP".

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E3 Activities

We’ve got lots of things to do before and during E3. Everything from a Scavenger Hunt, Wallpaper creations, of course signatures!

If you’re handy at creating graphics, why not create an E3 wallpaper for others to adore on their computer desktop for the week! But if the thrill of manipulating pixels isn't enough for you we're raffling away a poster prize pack to one of the lucky participants! Here are the details.

E3 Signatures
Add GameSpot E3 coverage for 2012 signature linking to and be sure to post in the roll call thread here to get credit for it. We will likely check in on the topic after E3! So please keep it until a staff member posts in the topic stating that they’ve done a full head count of all of those in the topic.

Scavenger Hunt
Time for a good old fashioned scavenger hunt! How do you play? Users will search GameSpot for certain games using only the clues shared in this activity thread here There are 15 games to find, and to those who manage to find at least 10 of the 15 games will receive this nifty Scavenger Hunt emblem!

Twitter + Hashtag = Schwag
We've got a long list of Staff you should following during E3. But, we’re giving away some E3 Schwag to GameSpot twitter followers that choose to tweet us by using the Hashtag #e3feedme. The winning user will be randomly selected via raffle. To enter, simply tweet us between June 1st and June 7th with what you want to see (just don’t forget to include your hashtag because otherwise it won’t count!).

Best of E3
It looks like it's time for a show down! During GameSpots coverage we'll be hosting a "Best of E3" voting battle and you get to have a say on who comes out on top. Be sure to check back in for more details on this feature.

Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? Email

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