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Just in time for Turkey Day, we have announcements, game nights, winners and more for this weeks Community Check In!


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Hey there GameSpotters! For you TLDNR people we are rolling out our TOP 5 list, which will include the top 5 list of things you should check out here on GameSpot this week in the community!

GameSpot Community TOP 5

1) Gog-le-Gog-le: Thanksgiving Dinner Parody Contest
2) GameSpot Players Network Launched.
3) Sonic Racing Contest goes live later this week
4) Chalk Talk: Into the Looking Glass (Last one for the year!)
5) GameSpot Gift Guide launched

What's Up

One week left to tell your tale
The deadline for the Dishonored Tales creative writing contest has been extended to November 23rd. So get to blogging before time runs out!

Mobile Wars and You!
GameSpot recently launched a new forum titled "Mobile Wars", the unique destination to go and discuss, debate, and other wise rabble about various smart devices. Current hot topic: What do we call you people? A discussion trying to determine what nick name mobile users will go by. Are you a worm, a pigeon, a tick? Sound off your opinions.

Beat the Pro's Winners
This last Friday, MrsViolence stopped by the GameSpot office to give our users a lesson in fragtastic fun in Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Many signed up in our GameSpot Players Network, but the users who took the top prize where FTF hic, [/WWW]Pink Assassin, [HGO]xHGx DJ Sponge (aka Angelostuf), and Jayfig83 (aka spanishfly83). Grats to the winners!

GameSpot Players Network

This week's mission is DOTA 2 with GSAU, the AU team will be hosting a game night this week and if you hurry maybe you can get one of the DOTA 2 Beta Keys Community Manager Zorine is teasing. . Also, for those of you who like hanging out on Steam, join our new GSPN Steam community

Live Stream Schedule!

The live stream schedule is a little on the light side this week what with turkey day happening, but fear not, we do still have plans to bring you a Planetside 2 live stream with Kevin Van Ord on Wednesday!

HOWEVER! This weekend we will be streaming from Disneyland Europe covering MineCon 2012. Catch our day one and day two streams for live coverage!

GameSpotter Reviewer Spotlight

No Caption Provided This weeks featured reviewer is LightEffect for his review of Halo 4 for the X360. LightEffect gave the game a 9 saying that…. "343 Industry has been given an enormous job, giving us the next Halo game with Master Chief. They Succeeded" You can check out his full review here.

User Reward Challenge

User Reward Challenges! In addition to the automatic points you get for your profile when you use the site, you can earn some bonus points this week by participating in the following activities:
1000 XP - Enter in the Gog-le Gog-le Photo Contest.
1000 XP - Write for this weeks Chalk Talk: Into the Looking Glass
1000 XP - Write a review for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
2000 XP- Submit an Interview to be a Featured Player

Tip of the Week!

Has Fuse got you down? Is Fuse eating all your posts? Did Fuse stop talking to you? Did Fuse tell you that your friends weren't talking to you? If you've experienced any of these issues with fuse please send an email to and include a detailed description as well as a screen shot of the issue you're having. Together we can help to make Fuse, a better place.

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