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Curious about the new updates to our commenting system? Want to share your thoughts and feedback? Well this is the place to do it!


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Livefyre Version 3 Update

The new commenting system update is here and is being integrated on GameSpot. Why is this important to you exactly? Well for starters, a few of the features that had been requested are now available to us. In addition to a few cosmetic upgrades there are several new functions including comment editing, rich text formatting, and more.

Editing Comments
This was quite possibly one of the biggest requests we had from the community when we first switched to the new commenting system last year. Now users are able to edit their comments directly from the stream by clicking the edit link besides the comment. However, the caveat to that is you are given a limited time to edit your post. But don’t worry, you still have the option to fully delete what you posted if a day later you go back and decide that you didn’t want to troll that poor noob.

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Rich Text Formatting: Now with more pretty!
The update now supports rich text formatting, you can now bold, italicize, underline, and include numbered or bulleted lists.

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Notifications and Alerts: Hey, hey… LISTEN!
This got a major overhaul in regards to its functionality. For starters, when new comments are being posted, you'll see that the "New Comments" notification is less intrusive, showing at the bottom of the screen rather than in the middle of your content.

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Next we have alerts, lets say you want to send a message to one of your GameSpot friends about the latest Pokemon news, by "@'ing" the user in the comments (Example @JodyR) it will now send an email notification to that user provided their settings allow that style of notification. This also works with people you are following on Twitter and as well as your friends on Facebook.

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Also as a reminder, if you wish to receive notifications to your email address when someone has replied, or liked one of your comments, or posted in one of your blogs or an editorial that you commented in make sure that your notification settings are correct. To do this, go to your profile and select how and when you would like to be notified.

Media Overload: Youtube, Flickr, and Instagram… Oh my!
The new commenting system now supports linking to both images and video embeds from Youtube, Flickr, and Instagram accounts.

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Flagging Abuse: Who you gonna’ call?
We’ve all seen our fair share of abuse in the comments section of various stories and articles, well now in addition to your ability to flag the comment as Off-Topic, Disagree, Offensive, or Spam you can now enter text with extra info pertaining to your report.

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Comments of Yesteryear

But wait, are you still missing your comments from your blogs that were posted in 2008 and earlier? We are currently aware that there are many blogs that are currently lacking this data, don’t worry its all safe and sound in a little box and will be applied to the site in due time. And while we don’t currently have an ETA for when those older comments will be available it is something that is being actively worked on.

Feedback: So… How does this make you feel?

After all the excitement of new features and improvements of older one have been announced we want to hear what you have to say about the updated commenting system. You can do so by posting in the comments below or by sending a PM to GameSpot.

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