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Commenting System Revamp

GameSpot's commenting system gets a major update.


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Exciting news! We'll be taking down the old commenting system and replacing it with a new one this morning at 11am PT. Some of the major improvements you'll immediately notice include the following:

- Threading functionality. Respond to other people’s comments to carry on a discussion.

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- Instant Notifications . If you are scrolled to the top of the page, you'll receive a notification if someone replied to a comment of yours. You also receive this same notification when you "follow" a conversation and you happen to visit that specific page today or at a later time.

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- Option to Follow Conversations. Members using the @ sign + USERNAME will no longer receive a PM notification. In order to receive updates you must follow a conversation.

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- Who is subscribed to the page. Clicking the “follow conversation” option will have your avatar displayed on the top of the page.

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- Others are watching the page! You can now see how many other people are reading or watching the shows where it displays the number of users "listening".

- Social Capabilities. While logged into Facebook Connect or Twitter, you can now share the page with friends on Twitter or Facebook by using the @ symbol in the comments. They will receive a notification about being mentioned. You will have to login via the prompt to grant this functionality. You can also share a user's comment via Twitter or Facebook by clicking the SHARE option.

- Positive Ratings. Comments no longer have negative ratings that will hide your posts.

- Change Notification Settings. To ensure that you receive timely notifications about content in the comments or if you’d like to disable it, you’ll need to go to the Fuse settings located here. Scroll to the options near the bottom of the page and change them to your preferences. IMPORTANT: If you do not change these settings you should expect to see a flood of notifications via Fuse.

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- Old Comments Returning Soon. You might see the past 8 days worth of comments once the new commenting system is on the site. The older comments data will get imported over time.

- How to Report Abuse. If you are curious about what we'll moderate in the comments, drop by the Moderation Clarification Station.

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