Commandos 3 announced

The third game in Pyro Studios' tactical strategy series is on its way.


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Publisher Eidos Interactive and developer Pyro Studios have announced Commandos 3, the next game in the acclaimed strategy series. Like the previous games, Commandos 3 will be set during World War II, and it will put players in control of an elite squad of Allied soldiers who must infiltrate enemy territory. Commandos 3 will feature improved graphics, better enemy AI, more enemies to fight and equipment to use, and gameplay that should be more accessible to beginners. However, unlike the previous two games, Commandos 3 won't be mission-based. Instead, the new game will use what Pyro describes as "a strong narrative that drives the player through the game."

Commandos 3 is scheduled for release next year. We'll have more information on the game soon, but for now, be sure to take a look at the first screenshots from the game.

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