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We talk to Commandos 2's lead designer Gonzalo Suarez, and get all the pertinent information on the upcoming game.


Released in 1998 by Eidos Interactive, the Pyro Studios-developed Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines received a good deal of critical acclaim for its painstakingly composed mélange of action and strategy. In it, you took command of a crack unit of soldiers, in an effort to systematically eliminate your enemy in their own lands. The first game was polished and playable, and its foundation was enough for Eidos to fund the development of a sequel.

That sequel is also coming to the PlayStation 2, the Dreamcast, and, as we've recently learned, the Xbox. The game will build on the experience established by the first but will up the ante in many ways. Foremost, the game will feature a full-fledged 3D engine, which allows for a great level of zooming and rotation of the game's camera. It will also allow for a deeper level of interaction with the game's environment; your commandos will be able to scale walls, climb poles, swing from buildings, and the like, all the while maintaining the option of breaking into enemy buildings and stealing their vehicles.

We were recently allowed an audience with Gonzalo Suarez, Commandos 2's lead designer. He gave us a bit of info on the game, which we've decided to pass along.

GameSpot: What was the main difference between developing Commandos 2 for the PC and creating its console versions?

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Gonzalo Suarez: The biggest difference we had to consider is the game's end user: Console players want games that they can play with a gamepad while sitting on a couch, while PC gamers expect a deeper experience altogether.

GS: Your game takes place in an alternate-history World War II setting. What inspired you to choose such a setting?

G. Suarez: The Commandos series is heavily influenced by old World War II movies. The idea was to create a game experience similar to the film The Guns of Navarone. From there, we tried to create a strategy game that maintained a steady action element but still allowed players to tactically plot their actions.

GS: What can you tell us about the commandos that players will control?

G. Suarez: The player will command a unit of nine commandos. While they will share many abilities, some commandos are better suited to certain tasks than others. And aside from this shared pool of abilities, each commando will have certain unique skills.

GS: We've heard that the game will offer 12 missions. What can you tell us about them?

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G. Suarez: Commandos 2's action will be set over the backdrop of several different scenarios in Europe and the Pacific: Colditz Prison, Normandy, Thailand, and India, to name a few. Choosing a favorite is very difficult; each one has a series of elements that makes it unique. Perhaps the Colditz and Paris missions are most emblematic of the game, though.

GS: What is the major difference between Commandos 2 and its predecessor? What aspect of the game do you think fans of the first will most appreciate?

G. Suarez: Everything about the original Commandos has been improved in the sequel. Our sole intention with the sequel was to improve upon the original in each and every way. We believe fans will appreciate the fact that the game remains faithful to the Commandos formula, while offering a unique game experience.

GS: What can you tell us about the game's multiplayer modes?

G. Suarez: We can confirm that the game will include a cooperative multiplayer mode and that we are currently looking into including a deathmatch mode.

GS: Do you plan on continuing the Commandos series on next-generation consoles? How do you feel about the Xbox? Is Pyro currently developing games for it?

G. Suarez: Yes, there will definitely be an Xbox version of Commandos 2. We believe that the Xbox is an excellent machine, only limited by the games developed for it.

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