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Command & Conquer Multiplayer Saved From the Demise of GameSpy Servers

Five Command & Conquer titles that had been running on the now-defunct GameSpy servers have new support from the Revora Network.

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In May, GameSpy multiplayer servers shut down, rendering numerous games' online modes unplayable. Notably, five Command & Conquer titles lost their multiplayer functionality and it was uncertain whether any company would come to their rescue.

But now, C&C fans can rest easy, because the multiplayer in Command & Conquer Generals, Zero Hour, 3, Kane's Wrath, and Red Alert 3 has been saved by a group of developers and modders called the Revora Network. The new server was made fully compatible with the game, meaning you log in and play almost exactly the same as before. All you need to do is download a C&C online launcher from the group's site.

Access to the new server is free, but the Revora Network is asking for donations to keep the support going.

This support is different than third-party applications like GameRanger because it's meant as a direct continuation of the original multiplayer experience. "C&C:Online is intended as a direct continuation of the online experience you're familiar with," the group explains on its site. "You don't have to launch multiplayer games through third-party software; instead you can keep playing the way you've always played."

Several other games were not rescued from the demise of GameSpy servers. A few Rockstar games, including Midnight Club: Lost Angeles on the PlayStation 3 and Max Payne 3 on the Mac, lost multiplayer support outright, and many others do not have leaderboards any longer. It's good, then, to see community members coming together to support these games post-GameSpy.

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