Command & Conquer 4 preemptively announced

EA UK's Twitter feed touts banner headline officially revealing long-rumored next installment in EALA RTS series.


This morning, the UK office of Electronic Arts posted a banner headline via its private Twitter feed, which is open only to members of the games press. The 105-character tweet speaks for itself: "EA_UK_PR New release: EA LOS ANGELES ANNOUNCES THE DEVELOPMENT OF COMMAND & CONQUER 4" The compressed link, however, does not speak for anything, leading merely to the Electronic Arts press site where the most recent announcement is for the forthcoming Fight Night Round 4 downloadable content.

Kane will be leading the internal investigation of the preemptive tweet.
Kane will be leading the internal investigation of the preemptive tweet.

When contacted by GameSpot, EA reps declined to comment on the apparently preemptive tweet. However, the existence of C&C4 has been an open secret for weeks, following another apparent leak out of the UK. in June, British market research firm 2CV, which lists C&C publisher Electronic Arts among its clients, posted a customer survey that outlined the game in detail and featured a picture of C&C series villain Kane on the front underneath the EA logo.

The survey revealed that C&C4 will incorporate a class system akin to a role-playing game and "MMORPG-like player progression." The modes will be persistent in both the game's single-player and multiplayer modes, which include full campaign co-op and five-on-five competitive online play. The game will also apparently feature what the survey calls "the first mobile base in RTS games," the crawler.

For more details on all the C&C games leading up to C&C4, check out the video retrospective below.

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