Comic-Con 2018: Supernatural Season 14 Trailer Sets Up Winchesters On The Attack

Carry on my wayward sons.

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Now Playing: Supernatural - Official Comic-Con Season 14 Trailer | SDCC 2018

At San-Diego Comic-Con 2018 CW provided a glimpse into what the next season of Supernatural holds in store for the Winchester brothers. While there wasn't much in the way of new footage, there was a short line delivered by Sam that could be setting up the overarching goal of what's to come. The trailer begins with Sam asking Dead, "Do you ever feel like we're doing nothing but playing defense, bouncing from one apocalypse to the next?"

He continues: "There will always be more people that need saving. No matter how many monsters we kill...," he trails off, as his brother picks up by saying, "There's always going to be another one around the corner." Of course, this is the eternal struggle the Winchester brothers have been grappling with since they first started hunting, but perhaps now they're going to try and come up with a solution--once and for all.

The rest of the trailer is a montage of everything that has happened thus far, primarily made up of scenes from recent seasons. While fans will no doubt have preferred something new to stoke their interest, it still serves as a pretty good hit of nostalgia for everyone that has followed the journey so far.

Supernatural Season 14 only just started production, which explains why there isn't new footage to share. However, during the show's Comic-Con panel a few details were discussed. Dean as Michael will be a core part of the series, it seems. "Dean's kind of sitting shotgun right now, while Michael is driving," explained Jensen Ackles, who plays both characters. Sam, meanwhile, "has taken on more of a leadership role," according to actor Jared Padalecki. Rowena will also be back this season.

CW also showed off new trailer for The Flash Season 5, as well as a new costume for Kara in the Supergirl Season 4 trailer. If you need to get caught up on Comic-Con 2018 fast, have a look at the list of all our coverage below. It's got everything from trailers and news stories, to pictures of the best cosplayers we saw during the show.

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