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Comic-Con 2018: Stephen King's Castle Rock -- Everything We Know So Far

Everything We Know About Castle Rock.

Stephen King is one of the most widely adapted authors ever. His books have inspired movies, TV shows, reboots, spin-offs, and more. It's almost difficult to keep track of which famous horror films are King adaptations. In that spirit, Hulu is developing a series that puts many of his famous work in one show.

San Diego Comic-Con 2018 is here, so let's review what we already know about Castle Rock. We'll also take a look at what we're hoping to learn during SDCC.

What It's About

Castle Rock is a Hulu original series which will combine several of Stephen King's storylines to create one big, scary show in which all the horror occurs. Henry Deaver is the main character who returns to Castle Rock after getting a phone call from Shawshank Prison from a man he doesn't know, but says he refuses to talk to anyone other than Deaver. The show will follow several different characters as they try to get through the ensuing violence and contemplate what exactly they did to deserve all the terrible things that have happened in their town.

Who's Who


  • JJ Abrams (Star Trek) is executive producing.
  • Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomas are credited as show creators.


  • Andre Holland (Moonlight) stars as Henry Deaver, an attorney returning to his creepy hometown after he fled to avoid the backlash after an accident that he has no memory of, killed his father and left him as the only suspect.
  • Bill Skarsgard (It) plays a mysterious young man found locked up in a prison where he's not supposed to be. He says he will only talk to Henry Deaver, despite never having met the man.
  • Sissy Spacek (Carrie) plays Ruth Deaver, Henry's adoptive mother who suffers from dementia.
  • Scott Glenn (Silence of the Lambs) plays Alan Pangborn, from Needful Things and The Dark Half, a bitter, retired sheriff.
  • Terry O'Quinn (Lost) plays Dale Lacey.
  • Melanie Lynskey (Two and a Half Men) plays Molly Strand, a real estate agent.
  • Jane Levy (Don't Breathe) plays Jackie Torrence.

What's Been Released So Far

The first trailer to be released for Castle Rock was a teaser, followed by a full-length trailer. They don't give much away in terms of plot, but instead offer just enough information to make the show look creepy and intriguing.

Some plots details were discussed when a few members of the cast and crew did an interview with Entertainment Weekly. Creators Thomas and Shaw talked about their philosophy in created the show and said, “Our intention was always to tell an original story in the tune of Stephen King.” They also talked about Stephen King giving his seal of approval to the show in a review that he emailed to JJ Abrams.

What We Want At Comic-Con

It is officially confirmed that Hulu will premiere the first episode of Castle Rock in a screening at Comic-Con on Friday, so that will probably answer many of our questions about the show, including one of the most pressing: Who is Skarsgard's character?

Whether or not you're at Comic-Con, you'll get to see the show for yourself soon, as it debuts on July 25.

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