Comic-Con 2018: Netflix's The Dragon Prince Anime Gets A New Teaser Trailer

A new anime from the team that created Avatar: The Last Airbender.


The new trailer for Netflix's upcoming anime, The Dragon Prince, debuted at San Diego Comic-Con. The trailer teases the overall plot of the show, and introduces the three main characters of the animated series.

The Dragon Prince tells the story of two human princes, Callum and his brother Ezran. The new trailer hints at a simmering conflict between their people and the elves which erupts into something larger at the start of the series. This convinces the elves to send an assassin, named Rayla, to kill the two princes. Instead, the three decide to ally with one another and embark on a quest to find a way to unite their people and bring peace to the land.

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The majority of the attention that The Dragon Prince is getting can probably be traced back to the reputation of the man behind the anime's story: Aaron Ehasz. Ehasz is responsible for writing the widely popular Avatar: The Last Airbender and fans are excited to see him helm another mystical fantasy series. Another The Last Airbender veteran, Giancarlo Volpe, a former director for Avatar, is The Dragon Prince's executive producer.

The Dragon Prince will be available on Netflix on September 14. It's not the only anime that is coming to Netflix this year either. We'll be getting a second season of Castlevania this October.

At Anime Expo, Netflix announced that the streaming service will premier Ultraman and Kengan Ashura in 2019. Ultraman is based on the classic Japanese sci-fi series about a seemingly ordinary man who possesses the spirit and DNA of a legendary hero. Kengan Ashura is about a 56-year-old man fights as a gladiator on behalf of his company.

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