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Comic-Con 2018: Mayans MC Can Say "F**k More Than Sons Of Anarchy

F-bombs galore.


Mayans MC, the Sons of Anarchy spinoff, is expected to contain a lot of strong language. This should be no surprise given it's a show from Kurt Sutter. But now, Sutter has confirmed that the writing team has a "lot more freedom" in terms of language than Sons of Anarchy did.

As THR explains, this comes down to changes related to broadcast standards. He said at Comic-Con recently that he takes a "f**k inventory" after writing each Mayans episode, and in good news for fans of strong language, FX will allow the word "f**k."

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"I'm not quite sure where the shift has happened but there is a lot more freedom in terms of language and we will be able to say 'f**k' on FX," he said. "I always do a f**k inventory at the end of every script and go, 'Oh, that's way too much.'"

While FX will allow the word "f**k" on Mayans MC, you probably shouldn't expect to hear it every other word like it was Goodfellas. Still, Sutter said it's freeing because with Sons of Anarchy, the writing team had to contend with writing scripts for "a world where that word didn't exist."

The first trailer for Mayans MC premiered at Comic-Con recently, showing off more of the gritty world and its new characters (watch it above). JD Pardo plays Ezekiel "EZ" Reyes, a prospect in the Mayans M.C. biker gang that just got out of prison. Emilio Rivera's character from Sons of Anarchy will also appear, though there won't be many other crossovers, apparently.

"Right now there's no intersecting stories that will interfere with that but Sons is a big world and there was a lot of peripheral players ... so there will be those kind of intersections," Sutter said during a Comic-Con panel.

The first season of Mayans is scheduled to premiere on FX on September 4 and will consist of 10 episodes. The show also stars Edward James Olmos (Battlestar Galactica, Dexter), and the first two episodes are directed by Norberto Barba (Preacher).

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