Comic-Con 2018: Marvel Releases Gameplay Trailer For Its New Card Game, Battle Lines

Marvel battles its way into the CCG market.

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Now Playing: Marvel Battle Lines - Official Comic-Con Trailer | SDCC 2018

San Diego Comic-Con is here, and comics giant Marvel took the opportunity to show off a new trailer for its upcoming mobile collectible card game, Marvel Battle Lines from Nexon. The free-to-play game is set to release this year for iOS and Android.

While most of the trailer is devoted to a head-to-head street match between attractive 20-somethings, we do get a glimpse of the grid-based gameplay at the very end. You'll build a deck of 12 cards from a collection of hundreds of Marvel heroes and villains, and play them on a 3x4 grid to create combos. You'll start each turn with four cards in-hand, and then you can swap your cards, play an action card, or place a character into the field. From there it's a matter of reducing your opponent's health to zero to win.

Marvel Battle Lines will include PvP, along with a single-player campaign and original story written by Marvel writer Alex Irvine. Other single-player events will span the range of Marvel history, with retellings of classic stories from Marvel comics.

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Pre-registering at the official site will get you an exclusive Dr. Strange card and 5,000 in-game gold when it launches later this year. Today's announcement came also came with a large batch of new cards featuring some iconic heroes, and thanks to it being a comic company, it's some of the prettiest card art around.

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