Comic-Con 2018: Fear The Walking Dead Gets Full Length Trailer

The happy music is making my eyes narrow with suspicion.


After releasing a teaser for Fear The Walking Dead on Thursday at Comic-Con, AMC has now released a full length trailer for part two of Season 4. The first half of the fourth season brought a lot of death and destruction, so it seems like AMC is trying to balance that out with a semi-comical trailer.

The trailer opens with the cast members performing menial tasks in an eerily still environment, with Bjork's "It's Oh So Quiet" followed by Etta James' rendition of "Stormy Weather" playing in the background. The songs lends an ironically lighthearted tone to a show which would be described as anything but.

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About half-way through, the trailer abruptly changes pace and shows some heavy action and a whole lot of zombies. It teases some potentially sticky situations to come. The point seems to be that the second half of the fourth season has some fun moments while still bringing the intense violence and drama that viewers love.

The trailer was released with the caption "There's no calm after the storm," which suggests that regardless of how crazy the mid-season finale was, don't expect the show to slow anything down. The second half of Season 4 of Fear The Walking Dead premieres August 12.

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