Comic-Con 2018: Deadpool 2 Gets Silly Video Promoting "Super Duper Cut"

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Now Playing: Deadpool 2 - Deadpool And The Super Duper Band Official Trailer

20th Century Fox released a pretty silly Deadpool video at Comic-Con to promote the "Super Duper Cut" of Deadpool 2, which contains more footage than the theatrical release.

The video shows a seemingly animatronic Deadpool surrounded by other animatronic entities, including a bear, a gorilla, and a mouse, as they play instruments and dance awkwardly to Dolly Parton's "Nine to Five." Vanisher is also in the group, but he basically just looks like a floating backpack.

The video is entitled "Now Touring: Deadpool and the Super Duper Band" and it shows the entire animatronic band on a road trip to tour across the US. The video has a very retro feel to it, with intentionally bad video quality and graphics reminiscent of the 1980s, not to mention the song.

Deadpool 2 follows Ryan Reynold's Deadpool as he fights to save a moody mutant teenager from a time-traveling villain set on revenge for something that the kid will do in the future. Deadpool realizes that he's not equipped to take Cable on by himself, and enlists the help of some other mutants like Domino. The "Super Duper Cut" of Deadpool 2 reportedly includes fifteen minutes of extras, including more jokes and action, and will be released August 7.

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