Comic-Con 2018: DC's Animated Show Young Justice Returns, First Trailer Revealed

Young Justice is back!


DC's streaming service DC Universe launches in the fall, and is set to offer a mix of new shows and classic DC movies, series, and comic books. One show that is set to return is the animated series Young Justice. The third season is titled Young Justice: Outsiders, and the first trailer has been revealed at San Diego Comic-Con. Check it out above.

Young Justice follows the lives of teen superheroes who form a group known as The Team. It doesn't take place in the same universe as other animated DC shows, so although many of the characters are familiar--Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy, Nightwing--they are different versions to those we are used to. In Young Justice: Outsiders they are joined by the DC team known as the Outsiders, whose members include Katana, Metamorpho, and Geo-Force, and the story will focus on metahuman trafficking.

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Young Justice originally ran for two season from 2011-2012. However, the show was cancelled in 2013, and was replaced with Teen Titans Go!, which was aimed at a far younger audience. But while a fan attempt to crowdsource a revival was quashed by Warner, in 2016 the studio confirmed that a third season was on the way.

As well as Young Justice: Outsiders, DC Universe will launch with the live-action Titans, the surprisingly brutal first trailer of which was revealed at SDCC. Other shows set to appear on the service include an animated Harley Quinn and live-action Swamp Thing show. We also know how much the service will cost--it's priced at $74.99 for the year, or $7.99 per month.

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