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Comic-Con 2018: Coolest Exclusives At The Show

Spoiler alert: You will be broke by the time the show is over.

San Diego will be hosting Comic-Con July 18-22 at the city's convention center, and of course, over 100,000 people will attend the show over the course of the five day period to meet celebrities, attend panels, and buy things. Of course, during the convention, booths will spare no expense to get your hard-earned money, and that means there will be plenty of items you can only buy at Comic-Con--or on eBay a week later with a 1000% markup.

However, sifting through all the different booths on the SDCC website can be time consuming, so we did it for you. We've got a look at tons of the best exclusive items at Comic-Con: comics, art prints, clothing, toys, and more delivered by some of the biggest companies at the convention.

ABC (Booth 4245)

The ABC television network will be at Comic-Con this year, and it will be selling a lot of different merchandise based on your favorite TV shows. The strangest has to be the Golden Girls Crew Socks for $10. Additionally, ABC will be selling pins for $15, t-shirts for $20, and lanyards for $10.

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Bluefin (Booths 401 and 3545)

From video games to anime to television, Bluefin always has some really cool action figures at every show. This year, they have a ton of exclusives, and here are some of the coolest. Ranging in price from $55-85, Bluefin has special edition figures for Ermac (Mortal Kombat), Alex (Street Fighter), Heihachi (Tekken), and Shin Akuma (Street Fighter). All of these come with extra accessories and will be available at Booth 401. In addition, you can head to Booth 3545 to pick up this exclusive Broly figure ($75) or Super Saiyan God Vegito ($60).

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Graphitti Designs (Booth 2314)

If comic books are more of your thing, Graphitti Designs has some exclusive covers of some big DC comics. There is a silver foil variant cover of Justice League #1 featuring Jim Lee art for $15. Also drawn by Jim Lee is the Action Comics #1000 ($25) foil cover and the Batman #50 ($15) foil cover. Additionally for sale is a silver foil variant for Batman #51 ($15) by Lee Weeks.

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Hasbro (Booth 3329)

Hasbro has a few Star Wars-related offerings for Comic-Con. The first is the Doctor Aphra Comic Set ($54), which we revealed last month. There is also The Black Series Rey vs. Kylo scene ($119), which features a light-up backdrop in addition to the characters. Finally, The Black Series is also debuting the Han Solo and Mynock figures ($38). Now, you can reenact Han Solo cleaning Mynocks off of the Millenium Falcon while unknowingly parking inside a giant space slug.

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Microsoft (Booth 100)

Over in the gaming section of Comic-Con, Microsoft will have a few cool exclusives for fans. First is a Fallout 76 shirt ($22) which comes in both unisex and women's cut. If you're in a pirating mood and enjoy Sea of Thieves, there's a replica coin ($12) and a "Shadow" Captain Flameheart figure ($25).

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NECA (Booth 3145)

NECA has a few toys based on movies from the past you may be interested in, but first, you can pick up an eight inch Guillermo del Toro figure for $40. After you've done that, celebrate Predator's 30th anniversary with the Rick Hawkins figure for $30. If Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is your thing, you can get an action figure set based on the 1990 film for $125 and a street scene diorama with the figures for $250.

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Skybound (Booth 2729)

From The Walking Dead to card games that will make you fight with your friends, Skybound has a few cool exclusives for the show. The card games Red Flags ($12) and Superfight ($15) will both get "Con Themed" expansions. In addition, there will be a four-pack of Rick Grimes figures from The Walking Dead, based on his appearances over the years. The set will cost $100 and have a color version as well as the bloody variants.

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ThinkGeek (Booth 3349)

Finally, some weird Rick and Morty stuff. ThinkGeek will have a Rick and Morty Pickle Rick Sleeping Bag, and it is easily large enough to fit a normal-sized person, which is a bargain for $25. ThinkGeek will also have Nightmare Before Christmas Tsum Tsums for $15, a Skottie Young Deadpool X-Force keychain for $25, and a Star Trek Rock Mood Light, which you control with a phaser, for $70.

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Toynami (Booth 3229)

There are a few cool anime items over at Toynami. First is a Naruto Shippuden two-pack featuring Sasuke and Itachi for $45. There is also a Sage Mode Naruto with Scroll statue for $35. If you keep losing your keys, you can pick up this Mega Man keychain for $12. Finally, Toynami has a sweet Robotech poster which is printed on smooth vinyl for $60.

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Udon Entertainment (Booth 4529)

If you like pins, then Udon is a great place to stop by this year. The company is offering up some cool gaming wearables this year. There is a jumbo Mega Man 30th Anniversary pin, as well as a Mega Man and Rush jumbo pin. Both retail for $15. Additionally, there are Super Street Fighter II Turbo pins featuring the characters in their winning poses. These are blind bag items, so you don't know which one you'll get until you open it up. The SFII pins will cost $10 each.

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For more on San Diego Comic-Con, check out our guide to the must-see panels at the event, as well as all the panel info for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

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