Comic-Con 2018: As Always, It's A Nightmare To Get Into SDCC's Main Hall

It's a long wait outside.


It's time once again for San Diego Comic-Con 2018. We've got a full SDCC schedule to help you follow along and know what to expect when. This year doesn't feature a major Marvel movie presence, but there's plenty else to look forward to. One thing that remains unchanged is that this is a public event, which means there are a ton of people in attendance. And that means getting into Hall H is a nightmare.

As is customary, Hall H is the convention's biggest stage, and it's where the biggest panels happen. Thursday's lineup includes The Predator, Doctor Who, a Breaking Bad 10th anniversary event, and more. Because of that, the line to get in gets very, very long, and on Thursday morning that's already the case. As seen in the image we snapped below, there are seven large tents, each filled with a queue to get in. You have to make your way through all of this in order to get in. Further below, you can see some tweets further demonstrating what the line is like.

Some of the many tents outside of Hall H
Some of the many tents outside of Hall H

There's limited space inside, and not everyone will necessarily get a seat, which is what leads to people even spending the night in line to ensure they have a spot. It doesn't make for a great experience for anyone.

Whatever the particulars outside, we're expecting news on everything from Halloween to Legion to The Walking Dead over the course of SDCC, which runs from now through Sunday, July 22. We'll report back with all of the major happenings; we've already gotten a Titans trailer and pricing for DC Universe, while our sister site CNET spent some time in a padded asylum room.

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