Comic-Con 2011: Mortal Kombat Legacy comes to a close

Mortal Kombat Legacy, the popular Web series that started life as an unofficial teaser and ignited the MK community, comes to a close tonight.


Despite the fact that the game shipped in April of this year, the Mortal Kombat universe still had plenty of new things in store for its fans at the San Diego Comic-Con--namely Mortal Kombat Legacy, the Web series that, much like the critically acclaimed game, brought the franchise to a new generation of fans.

Michael Jai White as Jax.
Michael Jai White as Jax.

The series, directed by Kevin Tancharoen, began life as an atmospheric "teaser" trailer that was a labor of love cobbled together guerilla style by Tancharoen and powered by favors and a shoestring budget. The resulting clip ignited the Internet with speculation of a new movie and massive amounts of buzz that eventually enabled Tancharoen to get funding for Mortal Kombat Legacy. The project became an innovative nine episode Web series that continued the style featured in the teaser, which took a gritty real-life approach to the MK lore.

Over the course of the eight episodes, Tancharoen and the celebrity cast, including Michael Jai White, Jeri Ryan, Darren Shahlavi, Matt Mullins, Sam Tihia, Joolene Tran, Ryan Robins, Ian Anthony Dale, and Kevin Ohtsii, brought the franchise's iconic characters to life in surprising ways. The ninth and final episode brings the series to an explosive close as the origin of two of the franchise's iconic characters, Cyrax and Sektor, comes to light.

The final episode of the Mortal Kombat Legacy will can be seen below.

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