Comedy Legend Carl Reiner Dies At 98

The pioneering comedy writer and film director was hugely influential to TV and film comedy.


Carl Reiner, whose best known comedy credits easily run many miles long and includes forming a duo with the madcap Mel Brooks, died Monday in his Beverly Hills home of natural causes. He was 98.

As a writer and director, Reiner was instrumental in the creation of the genre-defining '60s sitcom The Dick Van Dyke Show, which in turn was inspired by his experiences as a writer and actor on Sid Caesar's Your Show of Shows and Caesar's Hour. Reiner also collaborated with Steven Martin on many of his films, including directing 1979's highly revered The Jerk.

Reiner's acting career stretches even further up until very recently. In 2019, he voiced Carl Reineroceros in Toy Story 4, and going back he has co-starred in three Ocean's Eleven films and guest starred on The Larry Sanders Show, Family Guy, and Parks and Recreation.

The performer came to comedy after being drafted into the Army Air Forces during World War II.

Reiner is survived by three children: director, comedian, and actor Rob Reiner; painter Lucas Reiner; and playwright, poet, and author Annie Reiner; as well as six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

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