Combined PS4/Xbox One Sales Reach 60 Million, EA Exec Says

New numbers.


There are now around 60 million combined PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles out there, according to EA CFO Blake Jorgensen. This is up from his estimation of 55 million console sales at the end of 2015.

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The executive shared the number at a Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference today when discussing virtual reality. He referenced the console figure as context for why EA isn't jumping on board fully with VR at the moment. It's simply because VR is unproven, with a small install base today because the platforms aren't even out yet.

He said before a company like EA would consider spending $50-$100 million to build a full game for VR, the market size needs to grow to the level of consoles. He described the console markets today as "large," estimating PS4/Xbox One to make up 60 million and 150 million-plus for PS3/Xbox 360.

Jorgensen also teased that EA is working on smaller, "vignette"-style VR games, though these have not been announced. Additionally, he said if VR does indeed take off, EA is well-suited to bring content to the devices because it has consolidated its game engine and development processes.

With close to 36 million units sold worldwide, the PS4 is the global sales leader. If Jorgensen's 60 million estimation is correct, that means PS4 accounts for a much larger chunk than Xbox One.

Also during the presentation, Jorgensen revealed that about 25 percent of all EA game sales are full-game downloads. This figure can vary by title and geography, as well as bandwidth speed and cashless transaction availability. It is up from the 20 percent figure disclosed by EA in November, though that figure (expected to grow to 40 percent in the coming 3-4 years) pertained specifically to PS4 and Xbox One.

"We want the consumer to decide," he explained. "We have great retailer partners; we want to continue to maintain those great retail partners. And they perform a lot of discovery and marketing services for us. We believe there is a world where the retail partners are always going to be around.

"But also a lot of consumers, just like music and books and movies and TV have adopted the way to download digitally is ultimately the way of the future. We try to make sure we're available in any place where people want to buy and consume games."

Also during Jorgensen's talk today, the executive teased future Star Wars games and more.

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