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ColourPop's Baby Yoda-Inspired Palette Is Back In Stock

The Baby Yoda ColourPop eyeshadow palette will likely sell out quickly.


Last year, cosmetics company ColourPop released an official eyeshadow palette inspired by The Mandalorian's adorable star, Baby Yoda. It launched alongside the debut of The Mandalorian Season 2, but it sold out long before holiday shopping season really got into full swing. If you missed out on picking up the palette the first time around, you're in luck. ColourPop restocked The Child Shadow Palette today, February 19.

It comes in a small case featuring a picture of Baby Yoda on the front. The foldout palette also has a small mirror with the slogan "Cutest in the Galaxy" written next to the little guy.

All of ColourPop's pop culture-inspired collections tend to go out of stock soon after they are made available. Earlier this year, ColourPop released an official Animal Crossing: New Horizons collection filled with eyeshadow palettes, lip tints, and blushes. Given the popularity of Animal Crossing, it's no surprise that the entire collection sold out. Before that, ColourPop had a Sailer Moon collection that sold out extremely quickly as well.

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