Colosseum rebuilt

Upcoming gladiatorial combat game set to get an upgrade in Japan.


With Koei's latest historical action game having just gone gold in North America, the game is already receiving an upgrade overseas.

According to the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, Ertain is developing an upgraded edition of Colosseum: Road to Freedom for the PlayStation 2. The game is slated for release in Japan on September 1 under the title of Gladiator: Road to Freedom Remix, and it will be priced at 6,615 yen ($65).

Road to Freedom Remix will feature a number of changes made in response to feedback from players of the original version. First and foremost, there will be a pair of additional playable character types. Players will now have the option to challenge the game as a powerful tribal warrior skilled with spear fighting or as an agile Middle Eastern warrior. Gamers will also be able to unlock and play as the rival characters, famous warriors, and drill instructors in the game, which pushes the roster of selectable characters to more than 30. There will also be a female warrior in the game, who should likewise become a playable character.

Road to Freedom Remix will implement a newly refined fighting system that lets players power up their weapons and armor. Players will be able to pick up items dropped by enemies on the Colosseum floor and use them to strengthen their arms and gear at the weapon shop. Brand-new weapons and armor will be included as well.

In terms of the actual fighting, Road to Freedom Remix has added in new skills for each of the fighting styles. The game no longer has a limit on how far players can build up their "style level," a tweak that allows for the creation of extremely strong gladiators. Furthermore, players who defeat the game will be able to use their saved character to go back through the game again at a harder difficulty level.

In other convenient additions, Road to Freedom Remix will let players retry lost battles by parting with half their money. The game also keeps track of various records, which players can check in their warrior's room.

Development of Gladiator: Road to Freedom Remix is currently 80 percent complete.

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