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Colorful Battle Royale Game Battle Crush Coming To Switch This October With Beta Test

The 30-player battle royale game heads West.


As part of the September Nintendo Direct, NCSoft announced that its action battle brawler Battle Crush is headed to Nintendo Switch very soon. The game will have a closed beta test for Switch from October 23-30, before the game launches for everyone in Spring 2024.

Anyone interested in checking out Battle Crush can sign up for the closed beta test on the game's official website. This beta test will be held in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia in 25 countries. The beta will also be held on Steam and Android, featuring cross-play.

Anyone invited into the test will receive three codes to invite other friends. For each code redeemed, both the inviter and the invitee will receive an allotment of in-game currency.

Battle Crush is a 30-player game where players, taking the role of Calixers, fight until just one player is left. "It offers a dynamic, strategic brawl battle experience with simple and easy controls," NCSoft said in the announcement.

In addition to solo play, players can team up with up to three in Team mode. There is also a Brawl mode, which takes place on a smaller map compared to the larger battle royale mode. Then there is a 1v1 mode called Build-Up, in which the first to win three out of five games wins. After each round, the player who is defeated can select items before the next round, adding an element of ongoing strategy to the mix.

Battle Crush was already confirmed for PC in Korea, but the company hasn't said much about its plans for the West until now.

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