Collegiate Starleague finals to be hosted at MLG Anaheim

Collegiate eSports steps on to the big stage for the first time as the finals in Dota 2, SC2 and LoL will be played live at MLG Anaheim.


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Happy to host @CStarleague at #mlganaheim

— Adam Apicella (@MrAdamAp) April 2, 2014

With the return of SC2 to the MLG circuit, and the unfortunate cancellation of Dota 2 at the New York-based company's upcoming Anaheim event, it has been announced today that MLG and the Collegiate Starleague will now host the finals of all the major games the collegiate organisation hosts competitions in, which are Dota 2, League of Legends and Starcraft 2.

Last year's CSL grand finals saw universities from all over the world, including South Korea and Denmark fight for the title of champion, which was ultimately claimed by UC Berkeley in SC2, and Texas A&M in League of Legends. This will be the first time Dota 2 is included at the tournament's live finals.

Aside from the CSL, the main attractions at MLG Anaheim will be SC2, CoD: Ghosts and SSBM: Melee.

MLG Anaheim will take place between June 20-22.

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