Colin McRae Rally 2005 demo released

Demo for the PC version of the rally racer now available for download on GameSpot DLX.


Codemasters today released a demo of the PC version of its forthcoming Colin McRae Rally 2005. Available on GameSpot DLX, the demo of the rally racer features three cars from the 30-plus that will appear in the final version. They are the Peugeot 206, the Toyota Celica GT-Four, and the Lancia Stratos. Players will be able to race these cars across three stages, including one from the new German rally. Colin McRae Rally 2005 will see a retail release for the Xbox in Europe and North America in September. A PC version will be available for purchase online, while the PlayStation 2 version will only be released in Europe. Xbox and PS2 demos will be released with their respective consoles' official magazines in the UK in September.

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