Colin McRae Rally 04 announced

Codemasters announces that its next rally driving game will be coming to the PS2 and Xbox later this year.


Colin McRae Rally 04

UK-based Codemasters has today announced that it will release Colin McRae Rally 04 for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox this November. The game will feature a number of new single- and multiplayer modes, including both competitive and cooperative team challenges. Car-part testing challenges will also be included, in which players will be able to earn advanced technology for their car.

An enhanced visual engine will ensure that the new international tracks are more detailed than ever before, and in addition to the full rally season, Colin McRae Rally 04 will feature specialist events for both four-wheel-drive and two-wheel-drive vehicles.

"Colin McRae Rally 04 is all about great rally gaming, building on our technology, the team's superb craftsmanship in creating dramatic rally stages, and their expertise in simulating spot-on car handling," said Richard Darling, Codemasters' creative director. "We owe the series' fans huge thanks for keeping McRae the dominant force in the genre, and we intend to reinforce that position with the new game."

We'll bring you more information on Colin McRae Rally 04 when we report live from E3 on May 14-16. In the meantime, be sure to check out the first-ever screenshots of both the PS2 and Xbox versions of the game.

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