Cold Winter thaws out Web site

VU Games launches official site for upcoming FPS; site contains screens, videos, and character information.


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Today, VU Games announced the launch of the Cold Winter Web site. The first-person shooter is scheduled for an April 19 release only on the PlayStation 2--a previously announced Xbox version was canceled. The game is being developed by British game developer Swordfish Studios.

Cold Winter hero Andrew Sterling is a gruff British secret service agent, passing up martinis and tuxedoes for assault rifles and leather jackets. When he is caught spying in China on a top-secret mission, the British government denies any knowledge of his existence and leaves him to die. Luckily for Sterling, a friend from the past arranges his escape in exchange for his unique talents as a qualified assassin.

Playing as Sterling, gamers will shoot their way through 15 single-player missions as they unravel the truth behind a powerful secret society. A heap of weapons are at players' disposal, including pistols, assault rifles, and explosives. Realistic physics, advanced artificial intelligence, and interactive environments will force Sterling to use his mind as well as his brawn to take down his foes. Those interested in taking the game online can battle up to seven others over 12 maps.

The Web site features several details on the game, including character descriptions, a storyline overview, and a look at the game's weapons depot. Gamers can also get a look at the game in action by viewing screenshots and gameplay footage, or they can decorate their desktop with some Cold Winter wallpaper.

For more information on Cold Winter, be sure to take a look at our previous coverage, including our recent hands-on preview.

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