Cold War update

Mindware Studios releases new gameplay information on its upcoming action game set in the USSR at the height of the Cold War. New screens inside.


Cold War

Prague-based Mindware Studios has recently released new information pertaining to Cold War, an action game set in the USSR that we first covered back in July last year. In the game, players will assume the role of a thrill-seeking investigative journalist named Razor Kane (the character's name was originally going to be Chaser Jones) who, after being kicked out of the CIA as a result of his extracurricular activities, now travels the world in search of stories.

No matter where he travels, it seems that Kane has a habit of ending up right in the middle of the action that he's attempting to report on and so, while stealth plays a major role in the game, players will also have access to an array of weapons and gadgets that includes guns, flash grenades, binoculars, a directional microphone, night vision goggles, and a heartbeat sensor. Kane is also able to put everyday items that he comes across to good use, using pepper to confuse a guard dog for example, or perhaps constructing a dangerous trap using an alarm clock and a tin of paint thinner.

Real locations within the former USSR--where Kane is on the trail of a group of communist hardliners who pose a threat to world peace--will be recreated with painstaking attention to detail. Environments in the game will purportedly be highly interactive, and locations confirmed to date include Chernobyl, the Mausoleum, and the Kremlin.

As we've reported previously, Cold War is primarily being developed for the PC but will almost certainly be followed by Mac and Linux versions. Mindware Studios has also revealed that Xbox and PlayStation 2 are under consideration at this time. We'll bring you more information on Cold War as it becomes available.

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