Cold Fear movie heating up

Indie studios Avatar Films, Sekretagent Productions scoop up big-screen rights to less-than-successful Ubisoft shooter.


After Ubisoft shipped Cold Fear last May, the publisher was likely disappointed with the game's performance. As of February 2006, the first-person shooter has seen US sales of less than 70,000 copies on the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 2 combined, according to the NPD Group.

However, the game's less than stellar performance at retail hasn't stopped someone from scooping up the film rights to the game. Variety is reporting that two film companies--Avatar Films and Sekretagent Productions--have bought the right to make a Cold Fear movie. The former is a small distributor of mainly foreign releases, while the latter is a production specialist headed up by game-scenario writers Corey May and Dooma Wendschuh. May and Wendschuh cowrote Prince of Persia: Warrior Within for Ubisoft.

The Variety article did not mention a production start date or release date for the Cold Fear movie. No director or casting information has yet been announced.

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this game is perfect.

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the movie sounds cool!

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As long as that CONT Paul WS Anderson from the tripe fest movie series Resident Evil doesn't do it, then it could work as a movie. Get some decent script writers and a decent horror director and the rest will fall into place. SCRIPT and DIRECTOR are the two most important things for this to be good. No Paul Anderson FFS!. That spastic ape writes scripts and makes movies aimed at retards with no will power to think about a good storyline (a bit like himself then).

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Uwe Boll won't touch this movie. He's too busy sucking up Dungeon Siege, Fear Effect, Far Cry, Hunter: The Reckoning...Jesus, someone let him buy too much crap. I mean, honestly, couldn't Eidos or Ubisoft take him to court over making crappy movies of their games (Fear Effect and Far Cry, respecitvely)? Either way, I think the story could pose a good movie, and I can already see Wolfgang Peterson jumping at the chances of this movie. Then again, he did make Troy. Goo...

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Fallout_red, I don't know where you get your information from, but RE4 on the GC was released a few months before this game, and obviously spent a lot more time in production. So then how exactly would RE4 copy off of this game? More importantly WHY would anyone want to copy this game?

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Does anyone else follow this logic? Sucky game equals "Hey! Let's make a movie out of it!" :roll: The icing on the cake, of course, the director they pick would be who else? Mr. Uwe "I'll never die" Boll.

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Hey it came BEFOR Resident Evil 4 and RE4 can be considered a copy of it.

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Lets hope its not Uwe Boll (Bloodrayne, Alone in the Dark,... )

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Need more advertizing

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For a game that was a rip-off of RE4, it's incredible they thought it deserved a movie....

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If this is even half as bad as Doom, count me out

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wow.... only 70k sold over 3 platforms. that's low!

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maybe the movie is better then the game.

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never played it

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LOL Uwe Boll

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never heard of it

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Could be a good movie, look at Chronicles of Riddik.

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interesting......I'd like to hear more about it.........might be worth watching it instead playing the game

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see what happens

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It might make a good film, but then it might be worse that Ghost Ship. For the record, I thought it was a pretty good game.

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Does anybody besides me want a second chance at a good Mario Bros Movie?

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Who is doing what with which? :|

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Oh no another game that's going to be sent to the Hollywood butcher. Hollywood leave are games alone just because you have problems with originality and creativity.

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They already made RE movies, and they sucked. Come to think about it, the only good movie from a game was the FPS part in Doom. The rest was terrible, just the FPS part.

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Call me crazy (most people do) but I actually kinda liked this game.

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They make a movie of this, but not Resident Evil 4!

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Let's face it, Hollywood blows! They wonder why box-office receipts are in the toilet, its because of crap like this. When they aren't doing horrible remakes of 70 's tv shows and movies they are making horrible movies based on games. Anyone see the Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, or Doom films? Complete crap and don't even get me started on Uwe Boll. This movie will suck for the same reason game to movie translations always suck. You can't translate game play to the movie screen. Most games don't have fantastic scripts, it is the game play that carries them and makes them great.

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The games's plot might translate well into a movie.

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If the movie does well it could help sell more of this game plus could make room to see games after this one. I hope the movie will be a good one.

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What's Cold Fear?

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wasn't a great game maybe it'll be a better movie. lol

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UweBoll anyone???

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So, a likely horrible iteration of a game that was mediocre to begin with? Sounds like I'll skip this one.

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i think bit'd be an alright movie better thrn a game

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This baffles me. As bad as video game movies are on average, it's undeniable that the Game->Movie concept is growing. And with all the great licenses studios could pick up, why would they choose a game that failed completely?

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I bet you Uwe Boll will end up directing it.

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horray its a another video game adaptation not made by Uwe Boll!

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if good games make bad movies, bad games make good movies?... is that the logic here?

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Yeah, i'm somewhat excited

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Someone paid to use this licence?

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I didn't even think Cold Fear was that great, but a movie? lol

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you win some you lose some.