Codemasters teases multiple new DiRT games for 2014

Let's just hope at least one of them isn't a MOBA or free-to-play CCG.

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UK racing developer Codemasters has teased that it's working on multiple new entries in the DiRT series for release in 2014.

The developer asked on Twitter (spotted by VideoGamer) what games people would like to see from the developer in 2014.

"Definitely a new DiRT/rally game," said one user, before following up with an assertive "but you're working on one already aren't you?"

"Well we're not," began the publisher's tease. "Not working on one," Codemasters added. The publisher then did a winky emoticon, which is a sign that you definitely know they're up to something.

The game will likely arrive alongside F1 2014, as a new entry in Codemasters' annual F1 series is all but officially announced. The last entry in the series was the party-themed DiRT Showdown in 2012, but the last real entry--DiRT 3--was released in 2011.

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