Codemasters signs Soldiers: Heroes of World War II

Codemasters announces that it has won the global publishing rights to Best Way's upcoming strategy game, formerly known as OutFront. New screens inside.


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Codemasters has today announced that it has acquired the global publishing rights to Soldiers: Heroes of World War II from 1C Company. The 3D strategy game, which was previously known as OutFront, is currently in development at Ukraine-based Best Way and is scheduled for release this summer.

Soldiers: Heroes of World War II will allow players to assume control of British, American, German, and Russian forces, and will feature authentically modeled vehicles and weapons. As they progress through the game's 25 missions, players will be able to switch between real-time strategy controls and a "direct control" mode that allows them to play as an individual soldier.

Environments in the game will be fully destructible, and players will have the freedom to complete missions using whatever tactics they consider to be appropriate--including the commandeering of enemy vehicles and weapons. The game will feature more than 100 vehicles and more than 25 weapons in total, and it will offer both cooperative and adversarial multiplayer modes in addition to the single-player campaign.

We'll bring you more information on Soldiers: Heroes of World War II next week, after we've seen the game in action.

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