Codemasters signs Bliss Island for PC and PSP

Free-play Web game transforms into full PC and PlayStation Portable titles.


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Codemasters is set to turn Bliss Island from a free-play Web game into PC and PlayStation Portable titles. The PC version will be a try-before-you-buy downloadable game that will be available later in May. The game will be released later in the year on the PSP.

The game is the brainchild of independent developer PomPom, who has previously released Mutant Storm on the PC and the Xbox 360. A sample of Bliss Island is currently available to try online at, where three sample stages of the action puzzler are available to play for free.

The game sees players taking on the role of Hoshi the Zwooph, who can expel puffs of air at high velocity from his trunk. Using this feature, you can bounce or control objects to complete challenges. The game is being handled by Codemasters' "casual gaming" department, and we'll have more on the game as it is announced.

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