Codemasters schedules Emergency Mayhem

Once-canned Acclaim action driving game set for Wii release in the second quarter of next year.


For a game about rapid response crisis teams, Emergency Mayhem is taking its sweet time getting to store shelves. First announced by Acclaim at the 2004 Electronic Entertainment Expo, Emergency Mayhem is a comic action game that put players in the roles of police, fire, and medical personnel as they race around to save a city beset by disaster.

The Xbox and PlayStation 2 title was canned and largely forgotten when Acclaim declared bankruptcy, but Warner Bros. Interactive confirmed for GameSpot that it had picked up the title for North American distribution in May of this year. However, the decision was made to move Emergency Mayhem to the Wii, with Codemasters handling the development duties.

Emergency Mayhem's long path to release is nearing its end, as Codemasters today announced a release window for the game, saying it should arrive in the second quarter of 2008.

The developer also confirmed some of the Wii-specific changes being made to the game. As catastrophes strike the city, players will need to drive to each crisis, taking shortcuts wherever possible. Once there, they will use the motion-sensing Wii Remote in one of dozens of minigames to administer CPR, disarm bombs, and wrangle escaped zoo animals, among other tasks. Emergency Mayhem will also feature multiplayer modes for up to four gamers.

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