Codemasters pulls Hei$t

Bank-robbing, getaway-driving action game set in Summer-of-Love-era San Francisco coming to next-gen consoles, PC from developer inXile.


"I asked for no Mayo!'"

San Francisco in the late 1960s may have been a time for free love, psychedelic rock and roll, and sticking it to The Man, but for Codemasters, it was apparently a perfect time for a crime spree.

The UK-based publisher today announced that it will release Hei$t, an action game following bank robbers in The City by the Bay in 1969. The game is currently in development by inXile Entertainment, the Brian Fargo-led studio that created 2004's The Bard's Tale, and is expected to be available for "next-generation consoles and the PC" this fall.

"No we can't pull over and ask for directions to our secret hideout, you moron."

Details on the game are slippery, but Codemasters promises that gamers will pull off bank robberies, knock over restaurants and strip clubs, and speed away in getaway cars with the fuzz in hot pursuit. With each successful job, gamers will get more equipment to break into better scores.

"We designed Hei$t so that players feel like a part of the best robberies and car chases from classic movies," inXile creative director Maxx Kaufman said in a statement. "Everything from the different types of jobs to pull and the reckless pursuits by the police through the streets of San Francisco, to the sarcastic banter back and forth between the members of the crew gives Hei$t the action and style of the great attitude and rock-driven films of the '60s."

Hei$t has not yet been rated.

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