Codemasters Is Insane

Quake 3 meets the daily commute in Codemasters' upcoming off-road arcade-style racer.


While the name leaves something to be desired, Codemasters' upcoming Insane holds a lot of promise. The game is a multiplayer-only arcade racer that seems to draw a lot of queues from the likes of Unreal Tournament and Quake III Arena. Insane will let players choose from more than 20 off-road vehicles that range in size from a Baja Bug to an 8-wheel behemoth, and they will do battle in 30 locales across the globe. These levels can also be customized with varying elevation, weather, and terrain roughness for extended replayability.

Players can either start their own server or log onto Codemasters' own Insane gaming forum, select and customize their vehicles, choose a level, and then fight up to 15 other players in a number of deathmatch-style games. Unlike other multiplayer games, there won't be any weapons in Insane. Instead, players must plow into one another to cause damage to other players. Game modes scheduled for Insane will include a variant on capture the flag, checkpoint races, and a destruction derby.

Insane, currently in development by Invictus, is scheduled for a mid-2000 release.

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