Codemasters' EGO has landed

Proprietary middleware behind Colin McRae: DiRT is renamed; set to power upcoming Race Driver title, GRID.


The proprietary middleware game engine previously known as Neon is now to be referred to as EGO. The Codemasters engine is under the hood of Colin McRae: DiRT, and is also being used in the upcoming titles Race Driver: GRID and Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising.

The middleware is the base technology used in DiRT, drives the new damage and physics systems in GRID, and is used for the huge battlegrounds in Operation Flashpoint 2.

Bryan Marshall, chief technology officer at Codemasters Studios, commented, "Particularly for Operation Flashpoint 2, we simply could not fulfill the ambitions we have for the game with any off-the-shelf middleware; certainly not one that enabled us to develop across the major fifth generation consoles simultaneously with PC, rather than as an afterthought, and no one was doing that."

EGO has been three years in development at Codemasters. The company decided to rename the engine to better "befit its accomplishments and future potential."

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