Codemasters announces TOCA Race Driver 2006

Next game in popular racing series announced for PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC.


TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge

Codemasters has announced the development of TOCA Race Driver 2006 for the PlayStation 2, the Xbox, and the PC. Currently scheduled for release this winter, TOCA Race Driver 2006 (DTM Race Driver 3 in Germany, TOCA Race Driver 3 in other PAL territories) will offer an even greater breadth of motorsport disciplines than its predecessor, as well as a number of all-new gameplay modes.

"TOCA Race Driver 2006 is a huge project and one we've had in the works for almost a year already. The team are doing an incredible job and taking motorsport gaming to a level that no one else is even touching upon and they're doing it to a hugely advanced point. The refined engine will enable players to really thrash the cars and see the real-world results of doing so: Radiators will overheat, tires will burn out, engines will blow--the works," said Gavin Raeburn, studio head at Codemasters. "This detail means the actual races become far more exciting and tactical. You may be a good-enough driver to get to the front of the pack, but can you stay there when your engine is threatening to rip itself out and there's hardly any rubber left on your rims?"

Like previous Race Driver games, TOCA Race Driver 2006 will feature a story-driven career mode that puts you in the role of a driver attempting to make a name for himself by competing in a number of different disciplines. This year's game will feature no fewer than 35 different motorsport disciplines, and it will also boast an all-new pro career mode in which you can choose one specialized discipline.

Disciplines available in the pro career mode will include GT, off-road, touring cars, historic, open-wheel, rally, and oval. The pro career mode will challenge you to race your way up through the ranks of championships that span the entire breadth of your chosen discipline. If you choose to pursue a career as an open-wheel race driver, for example, you'll start out racing go-karts, and you'll have to prove yourself in Formula 1000, Formula BMW, and three events before you're even considered for a seat on the BMW Williams F1 team.

For more information on TOCA Race Driver 2006, check out our exclusive Q&A with Gavin Raeburn, studio head at Codemasters.

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