Codemasters announces Fall of Liberty

A new Second World War FPS title from the creators of Call of Duty: Finest Hour will see Nazis occupy America.


Ever wondered what Freedom Fighters would have been like with Nazis instead of Soviets? Gamers will soon get a chance to find out. Today, Spark Unlimited, the controversy-wracked studio behind Call of Duty: Finest Hour, announced a new first-person shooter called Fall of Liberty for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Oh dear. This can't end well...
Oh dear. This can't end well...

Fall of Liberty is set in an alternate history that sees famed prime minister Winston Churchill die in 1936--three years prior to the outbreak of World War II. Without his steadfast leadership, the Nazis overwhelm Europe and occupy Great Britain. Bolstered by its success, the German war machine then extends its reach across the Atlantic and invades the United States in 1951, occupying Washington DC and threatening Manhattan with nuclear attack.

Spark CEO Craig Allen commented that he wanted to give players "a realistic vision of an alternative world history...something radically different than typical WWII scenarios as the player is not cast as the liberator of Europe but as a defender of freedom in enemy-occupied America." The game will be the second alternate-history PS3 shooter: Resistance: Fall of Man, due this fall, takes place in an alien-occupied UK during the 1950s--after WWII never happened.

[UPDATE] Currently, Fall of Liberty is set for release in Q4 2007 in Europe and North America, where it is being published by British-based Codemasters. The announcement marks the second major recent deal for Spark, which just announced an agreement with Vivendi Games subsidiary Sierra Entertainment to publish an unnamed next-generation FPS with a "modern setting."

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