Coded Arms planned for North American release

Konami's cyberspace-themed first-person shooter is coming home this summer.


LAS VEGAS--As part of Sony's North American debut for the PSP, a number of third-party games were shown in playable form for the first time. While Konami's Coded Arms made its playable debut at the Tokyo Game Show late last year, its appearance here in Las Vegas signifies Konami's plans to release the game in North America.

The version of the game shown in Las Vegas contains the same level that was shown at TGS. In it, you'll play as a hacker who enters a virtual world to combat a series of enemies using a variety of weapons. The demo version showcases two weapons, but the final game is scheduled to have 30 weapons. Coded Arms will also sport four-player multiplayer functionality via the PSP's wireless networking abilities.

Coded Arms is currently scheduled for a summer 2005 release in North America. We'll have more on Coded Arms as it becomes available.

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