CODA announces Starmageddon

The Poland-based development studio reveals its futuristic 3D real-time strategy game. Screenshots inside.


CODA Development has announced Starmageddon, its upcoming 3D real-time strategy game. The company describes the futuristic space-based game as Homeworld meets Red Alert 2. According to CODA, the game takes the innovative 3D environment of Homeworld and combines it with the easy-to-use game mechanics of Red Alert 2. The game is based on battles between humans and two different races of aliens. Each race has a different resource management system, as well as a unique psychology and social system.

The game uses an advanced 3D engine that supports specular lighting, a full particle system, dynamic lighting effects, Phong reflection, bump-mapping, lens reflections, volumetric layer-based fog, and a number of other advanced effects.

Starmageddon is scheduled for release at the end of 2001. No publisher has been announced.

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