COD2, GRAW among new batch of 360 platinum hits

Eight Xbox 360 games receive new status, $29.99 price tag; Fight Night, Burnout, DOA4 also re-priced.


Microsoft today sent out good news for gamers looking for games on the cheap. The company has that announced eight new Xbox 360 games will be added to its list of Platinum Hits games beginning March 16 in North America.

Fight Night Round 3, Top Spin 2, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, Call of Duty 2, Dead or Alive 4, Burnout Revenge, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, and Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis are included in the latest round of Platinum Hits.

In addition to some new packaging, each game will get a new price tag of $29.99. New releases typically retail for $59.99.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, Burnout Revenge, Chromehounds, and Perfect Dark Zero will be given similar treatment in Japan and be sold for 2,800 yen ($23).

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this is good news but for some reason, i prefer not to buy classic or platinum games i prefer to buy the offical copy for some reason. i dont know why but it makes the game feel more special. strange i know. also i do not like the classic/platinum casing at all!

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i wish game prices would transfer to canada standards

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Man i got Battle field today its so cool the online is nearly as good as halo 3 but not quite.! :) its so cool but the achievments are pretty hard to get you have to be a good and quick aimer to get most of these.

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gimmmmmmmmme more!!!

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getting burnout today, hopefully cheaper than $30 though

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Table Tennis is 20 bucks at Best Buy, definately now is a good time to get it if you've never played it.

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Come to think of it, only 1 of the NA releases is not a sequel. Huh...

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Yeah, I'd like to see them down around $20.00 so I can pick up two at a time.

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They better make Oblivion one soon.

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Elder Scrolls IV is probably not getting the Platinum Hits treatment because it is still selling well at full price. For those that have not tried Rockstar's Table Tennis.. now would be a good time to see what you have been missing. This is a great game and a real blast playing online.

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ok now i get table tennis and burnout

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Good price, can't wait to see them in stores even though some of these are already priced this low, I wonder what else will be in side them, a free code to Halo 3 beta, yeah

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Well, if Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion doesn't go Platinum Hits after around 1 year from it's release date, then it means it didn't reached the target sale in a specific timeframe to be in the Platinum Hits collection. Do any of you understand the notion of the "budget hits" collections?

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I feel that Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion should already get 360 platinum hits. God. The expansion pack of the game is coming soon. I just bought this game 1 month ago and I still paid $60 for that game while other games' prices went down.

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Great News, i'm getting GRAW, and probably a couple more, like battle for middle Earth...Sweet Baby!

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Since when are million-selling games selling for $30 a piece? Sorry, I love the 360, but with prices like these, it's no wonder I don't own one yet. I refuse to pay more than $20 for a game, especially one that has already sold tons of copies.

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Platinum is a precious metal...

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It's about time !! Now I can pwn Battlefield 2 instead of renting !!

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I was actually just looking at PlayStation 3 games recently and thinking that there was no way somebody was paying $60 (or $55 used) for the games on the shelves for the PS3. They need to age their games quickly and get the prices down into the $30-$40 range to move some units. Seems like most PS3 are being used as PS2 replacements at this point.

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What do you mean everyones playing Gears of War. You mean everyones playing Rainbow 6. Gears may have sold more but Rainbows online is way better.

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Yay! I might buy them all ^^

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I already got the fight night round 3 platinum hits game. I got it from Best buy like 3 or 4 weeks ago.

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When is the 360 it's self Dropping it's price?

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Doesn't matter....everyone is playing Gears of War. No one is playing those games anymore.

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I still play COD2 online

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These games already cost this much!

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Nice.. M$

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Top Spin 2 & Table Tennis could be interesting, but sequels to GRAW & CoD are already out so there may not be many folks playing them multiplayer.

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Sweet I just sold BF2 on ebay for 30 used.

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wow 30$ the used ones are like 20-25 maybe lower i bought battlefield 2 for 18 why spend 30 lol

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excelente noticia..................excelentes juegos a precios mas baratos. bravo.

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I just bought FN3 a couple of weeks ago for $40 CAD, but I'm not upset about the extra $10. It's an awesome game, worth much more IMHO. GRAW was bundled with my 360. It's fantastic. I might pick up COD 2 at some point. Good news.

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Strong sales? I'm assuming you are talking about hardware and not software. Lowering the price of software isn't countering anything. When they lower the price of the hardware that when it'll give a death blow. jahoousa So this is microsoft's death blow to strong sony and wii sales?? Where's Halo 3?????

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Good news for MS gamers. Nobody can be mad over a price drop. I think I might go pickup Burnout, a game I've been wanting to play for some time.

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Nice! Thanks for the break MS.

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So this is microsoft's death blow to strong sony and wii sales?? Where's Halo 3?????

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Sweet, now I can play GRAW without feeling guilty about the $.

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about time

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i guess now i have a reason to buy COD2 and Battlefield

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Oh men this is good.

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ha..i already got GRAW for $30..but w/e....i spent $40 on COD2, but it was well worth it...its probably the best game i have ever owned, thats y i gave it a 10

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Meh, i got most of these games anyway

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Cool I had wanted to take a chance on DOA, but didn't want to fork over $60 bucks. Guess I might now. Might also pick up COD2 again since I regretted trading it in before.

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This is fine news, now if only they were $20...

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"the funny thing is that there is a link to amazon on this page, where you can buy the game for cheaper already. lol" Funny thing is that you laugh when you dont have any idea what your are talking about. SRP is not the same as RP. Might be a good idea to think before making a fool of yourself.

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I can't say I didn't expect this.

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the funny thing is that there is a link to amazon on this page, where you can buy the game for cheaper already. lol