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CoD: Warzone's Caldera Map Is Getting Skull Island Vibes For Season 3

Call of Duty Season 3 will bring significant map changes to Caldera.


The Call of Duty Season 3 update for Warzone is themed around a clash between Godzilla and King Kong for the Operation Monarch event. This limited-time event won't begin until May 11, but Warzone's big update will give Caldera a Skull Island vibe in preparation for the arrival of Hollywood's biggest titans. Here we breakdown all of Caldera's map changes coming with Season 3.

Based on the roadmap and blog details from Activision, we already know Caldera is going to have a new point of interest called Dig Site. The blog post also teases décor and secrets will be hidden across Caldera for this upcoming map update, so players will want to keep their eyes peeled for subtle clues leading up to the monster of all battles.

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Dig Site

Giving off Kong: Skull Island movie vibes, Dig Site is Caldera's new point of interest for Season 3. The new location is found between Ruins and Mines, and here players can scavenge for loot around excavation equipment, tents, and the unearthed monster skeletons. Activision did tease that Operation Monarch clues are hidden around this excavation site.


Caldera's volcano is getting a brand-new look for Season 3. Since Caldera's launch, Peak has been a very open location with only partial building construction. Now, the area's construction has been completed, and its new volcano top fortifications add a better variety of cover.

Peak will also have some décor themed around Season 3's narrative. The new look includes the symbol of the mysterious global organization known as Monarch, which is the secret scientific organization featured in 2014's Godzilla.


Caldera's Lagoon normally looks like a beautiful place to relax and get a tan, but the Season 3 blog post explains a storm will be brewing on the island for the upcoming season, causing shifting tides to reveal a new sandbar area to explore. This sandbar will offer a new path to Caldera's lighthouse, and there will be shipwrecks to use as cover. This change will also provide more ground for vehicles to traverse around Lagoon.


Runway hasn't been a wildly popular area of the map, but Season 3 is set to bring some positive changes. Some of the foliage will be removed from the area, making improvements to visibility. Runway will also be reconstructed with a new set of barracks, hangars, and other structural additions. This new version of Runway will also include a few decommissioned planes to provide extra exterior cover, as well as a few tower structures to allow for a better view of the island.


It's uncertain how much of Resort will be changed for Season 3, but Activision teased that players won't have any problems noticing the massive glowing axe that will be jutting out of the ground nearby. This tease alone is worth investigating the area all around Caldera's Resort.


While the Season 3 blog didn't suggest any map updates here, this is an area of Caldera that players will likely want to keep an eye on in the days leading up to the Operation Monarch event. Activision's previous Season 3 teasers have suggested that Godzilla is in the water and headed towards the Docks. It's possible some map changes or clues could pop up in the area prior to the big event.

Additionally, Season 3 Classified Arms will bring a new battle pass, more weapons to unlock, and introduces three new operators. Vanguard's multiplayer will receive two new maps in Season 3, but Zombies fans will have to wait a bit longer for a new map. Treyarch recently unveiled plans for future Zombies update, including a return to traditional maps, but the next map won't be ready until Season 4. Players hungry for more Zombies content should check out Black Ops Cold War's Year 2 update for Season 3, which includes an Easter egg secret and a new Outbreak mode.

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