CoD: Warzone Rebirth Island Easter Eggs: How To Get A Free Loadout And Specialist Token

You can score a free loadout and a Specialist Token with new Easter eggs on Rebirth Island.


Call of Duty Season 2 Reloaded is now live for Warzone, and this mid-season brings major map changes, a limited-time event, and new Easter eggs to reward you on Rebirth Island. Here's how you complete the Easter eggs and earn the free loadout and Specialist Token during your next match on Rebirth Island.

Many areas of Rebirth Island have been updated with the new "reinforced" look with extra cover around the prison map. However, Easter egg hunter Geeky Pastimes has discovered not all areas have changed. Rebirth Island's previous "Red Room" Easter egg location is now home to new Easter eggs.

How to get the free loadout drop

To complete the loadout drop Easter egg, you'll want to start your match by heading into the downstairs "Red Room" of the Headquarters building. Inside is a keycard labeled as Vikhor's keycard.

Vikhor's keycard downstairs in Headquarters building
Vikhor's keycard downstairs in Headquarters building

With the keycard in hand, head over to the island's new Stronghold location. You'll want to take the keycard to the large tower located at the back of Stronghold. Head inside the base of the tower to find a vault room filled with locked safety deposit boxes.

Stronghold tower's vault room
Stronghold tower's vault room

One of the vault boxes lets you use Vikhor's keycard to interact with it. Using the keycard here will award you with stacks of cash and a free loadout marker to call in a loadout drop on the map.

How to get the free Specialist Token

In the same Stronghold tower vault room, there is also a locked box that requires an item called the Forgotten keycard, which is an item found by visiting the Bio Weapons location on the map. You'll need to head downstairs to the showers area of the building, and the keycard should be located on the floor near the sinks.

Forgotten keycard location in downstairs showers area of Bio Weapons
Forgotten keycard location in downstairs showers area of Bio Weapons

Take the keycard to Stronghold tower, and interact with the locked box in the vault that is labeled for the Forgotten keycard. This keycard presents even greater rewards than the Vikhor keycard, as this box will unlock to provide Specialist Tokens, which is the rare item that grants you with all perks in the game. This Easter egg will grant Specialist Tokens for each member of the squad and one free loadout drop marker.

Additionally, there is one more keycard still unaccounted for, as there is a Perseus keycard that is required for a third locked box in the room. This likely means there will be at least one more Easter egg and reward to uncover with this new version of Rebirth Island.

In addition to the Rebirth Island updates, Season 2's mid-season update makes adjustments to Warzone's parachutes, armor satchels, and gas mask animations. The new Armaguerra 43 submachine gun is also available to unlock with an in-game challenge.

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