CoD: Warzone Player Lands Upside Down Crossbow Kill With Fighter Plane Seat Swap

Warzone players keep finding creative ways to take down their opponents on Caldera.


Vanguard's WWII fighter planes continue to provide interesting and challenging ways for players to eliminate their opponents in Call of Duty: Warzone.

In a clip shared by Crossbow Mike on Twitter, the player pulls off an impressive elimination on Warzone's Caldera map, which they claim is the first in the world to feature an upside down barrel roll with an airplane seat swap to land a crossbow kill.

The clip shows the player performing a barrel roll in one of Warzone's fighter planes, and while mid-roll and upside down, the player quickly swaps from the pilot's seat to the passenger seat. The plane's engine cuts off, and the player uses a crossbow to get an upside down kill on their opponent, and then switches back to the pilot seat to avoid crashing.

If Crossbow Mike's name sounds familiar, it might be because they were also recently highlighted for pulling off a difficult Warzone fighter plane seat swap sniper kill on a player in an opposing airplane.

In addition to fancy plays on Caldera, players are uncovering Easter eggs on Warzone's new Fortune's Keep map that was introduced with Season 4: Mercenaries of Fortune. The seasonal update also added new lootable perks, shook up the meta with some weapon balancing, and even made some improvements for better performance on consoles.

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